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February 2, 2008

Clannad – 16

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This week’s episode is one of the best so far. In this episode, Sunohara Mei (Sunohara Youhei’s sister) was introduced. There was a 3 on 3 basketball match between Tomoya, Sunohara, and Kyou against the Basketball Team. This episode also features more screen time for my favorite character, Kyou-sama..

Nagisa-chan, you still don’t get it do you..

Not you too…

The episode starts with Mei cleaning up his brother’s room (such a sweet girl). Then she found out that her brother loves Tomoya when she heard Nagisa talking about it. Sunohara came to his room at that time, and all of Tomoya’s schemes was explained…

There are 4 light-balls now.. What are the purposes for those anyway.. It represents every character’s story..?

Nagisa: That’s a relief…

I think I saw that somewhere before.. Can anyone tell me what that thing is..?

Mei can’t stay at her brother’s place so she was invited to stay at Nagisa’s place. There she met the ever beautiful Sanae-san and the cool Akio-san.

Nagisa: Oto-san wa ecchi desu!

The next morning, Tomoya met up with Tomoyo on the way to school. Tomoya was late, so Tomoyo said, “Come with me. I won’t forgive you for being late.” (hmm…). Then Tomoya talked with Sunohara in class about the basketball match and they want to find the 3rd member for their team. Guess who’s the chosen one.. ^_^

I love the look on Kyou’s face here.. Although, I don’t know how to explain why…

The great Kyou-sama joined their team. She also told Tomoya that she wants to hang out with him during lunch break (I’m so envious of you, Tomoya..)…

Now back to the classroom. Tomoyo went to see Tomoya during lunch break. She said that she is concerned about Tomoya’s tardyness because it makes her look bad.

I totally forgot that Tomoyo is a junior..because she acts so mature…


Oh. You finally came Kyou-sama

No way…she wouldn’t..

Love the look on her face here. Even though this is the usual tsundere response..but she is special somehow…

Then she dragged Tomoya to the cafeteria. Tomoya had lunch with Kyou and Ryou. Kyou mentions something about Tomoya ‘not going out with anyone‘… Heh…

Looks like Tomoya kind of know that Ryou likes him. I love his response here, a single look can mean a lot. Unlike other male lead, Tomoya stayed cool and didn’t say anything during that time. Other male lead, they sometime do something stupid to spoil the moment. For example, being clueless

The next day, the basketball match starts… I’m surprised to see that Tomoya still wanted to play basketball despite having an injury on his hand. Nothing much that I have to say about the basketball match though.. Other than Kyou’s awesome basketball playing skills..hehe…

See that? Kyou has skills..

Although being totally pwned by the regular basketball team, they did win in the end..

After that, Mei bid farewell to Tomoya, Nagisa and her brother, Sunohara at the station. She left so early.. I thought that she will be in at least 1 more episode.. But, perhaps not…

Hmm..I don’t think this episode is considered as Sunohara’s story. It doesn’t contain enough Sunohara goodness in it. This episode does contain character developments for many characters though.. And a lot of Kyou goodness.. I talk about Kyou too much desu ne..hehe..



  1. Hands off Kyou, she’s mine >=( Also, the mish-mash of a few routes in the past two episodes, suggest they really are rushing things, leaving my Sunohara route a lot to be desired…

    Comment by Shin — February 3, 2008 @ 1:37 am

  2. They definitely exaggerated Ryou’s embarrassment by far too much…

    Comment by Danny — February 3, 2008 @ 6:57 am

  3. @Shin
    They really are rushing things..because they have no choice..
    There are only 8 episodes left to cover all the other character’s story..
    But, thats still not enough..
    And Kyou is not yours… 0_0

    I guess you’re right..
    Aside from being Kyou’s sister, Ryou isn’t much of an interesting character..

    Comment by setsukyie — February 3, 2008 @ 10:31 am

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