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February 6, 2008

True Tears – 5

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This episode starts off with Shinichiro waiting for Noe at the usual place (near Raigomaru’s grave). Shinchiro said that he went there for no specific reasons. Maybe he was convinced by Jun’s decision for him to date Noe. I guess not…

Noe asked Shinichiro to have lunch with her. But Shinichiro refuses to do so just because of some stupid reasons..

Noe also offered Shinichiro to go home together after school. Again, he rejected the offer because he has dance practice..heh…

Setsukyie: Yes, I would love to..

What..just because of that? Poor Noe..

Why don’t you try asking her out..I know I would…

Then, he told Noe that she should have lunch with her friends. Shinichiro, aren’t you her friend too…

Noe decided to have lunch with Hiromi (that was unexpected)..

After school was done, Shinichiro went home with Hiromi. So he was lying about the whole dance practice thing.. He rather go home with Hiromi rather than with Noe. Poor Noe..

They also went to the beach on the way home. There, they had a romantic scene..(thanks to the cool breeze there).

A girl doing it is ok too.. Well, I don’t mind anyway..

They went home afterwards. Shinichiro’s mother saw them walking together.. And she got angry for that.. People say that she hates Hiromi because of something happened in the past..and maybe it’s related to Hiromi’s mother. What’s her problem anyway…

The next day, Noe saw Shinichiro practicing dancing. I thought that she was still angry at him for lying, but I guess she forgave him..

This is the way my grandma does it..

Jun came to visit Shinichiro later that night. He wanted to know if Shinichiro already made his decision about going out with Noe. Shinichiro said, “In exchange for me going out with Isurugi Noe, you’d have to go out with Hiromi…” (you’re making a big mistake there..)

So..the whole thing was just an excuse to cover her true feelings..

Seems so.. Jun refers Hiromi as Number 6. He also said that Hiromi is cute.. Thanks for the compliment on Hiromi but that doesn’t make me happy somehow..

Later that night…

Heh..would you just stop it.. Even though it is your first time, but saying it out loud makes people get the wrong idea

Exactly.. Now get out…

The look on Hiromi’s face during this scene makes me think that she wants Shinichiro to say something special to her. For example, “I love you” or “Why did you let me in to your room”. That look also made me think that she wants to say something like, “Hey, wanna have some fun?”.. Or maybe it was just my imagination…

Shinichiro told Hiromi that he met with the Number 4 guy just now. Shinichiro also told Hiromi that the Number 4 guy thinks that Hiromi is cute..

Hiromi got angry and told Shinichiro to get out…

Eh..why are you angry Hiromi?

Shinichiro got out and bumped into his father’s worker that was carrying a box. Inside that box, there is an old album. Inside that old album lies pictures that has a woman’s face cut out…

That’s Hiromi’s mother..desu ne.. But why..

Ok then. As expected, this a great episode and True Tears never fails to keep me entertained. So, hurray for another great episode..

This episode shows that Noe has a certain interests towards Shinichiro and Shinichiro has it too. So..that means, it’s finally time to see a competition between Noe and Hiromi..(and Aiko too?).

This episode also shows a romantic scene between Shinichiro and Hiromi at the beach. I love that scene and they seem to love it too, even though things didn’t go well by the end of the episode.. Yea, good things were never meant to be forever…

The thing that I didn’t like in this episode is the “Shinichiro lying and avoiding Noe scene”. What’s wrong with you Shinichiro? She’s cute isn’t she.. So..why?

I didn’t mention anything about Aiko here, did I.. Well, there is nothing interesting about her in this episode.. She’s a great character and all but nothing interests me about her in this episode..

The next episode preview is interesting and looks promising to be another great episode. I wonder what will happen… Can’t wait…



  1. Shinichiro is just being a P.U.S.S.Y (Procrastinating Undecided Slow Sissy Youth)

    Comment by Shin — February 6, 2008 @ 1:38 am

  2. Hehe..good one..
    But I don’t know about Shinichiro being a pussy…
    Maybe a little…

    Comment by setsukyie — February 6, 2008 @ 2:14 am

  3. Wasn’t Shinichirou just trying to help out? He doesn’t know that Hiromi likes him and I wouldn’t either if I saw things from his point of view. I don’t think he sees a facial expressions every now and then like we do. I’m just angry at him for lying to Noe, lol.

    Comment by blissmo — February 6, 2008 @ 2:39 pm

  4. LOL. Your punchlines in your blog are great.

    Comment by youko — February 9, 2008 @ 2:47 am

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